March 2, 2019

When Botswana gained independence in 1966, it was a desperately poor country where the average income was equivalent to USD80. The economy was highly dependent on subsistence cattle ranching and beef exports were the major foreign currency earner.

Following decades of c...

February 23, 2019

An International Relations Dilemma

Zimbabwe is an international relations dilemma. For the past twenty years, it has divided international opinion, each side firmly convinced that they were doing the right thing.

Western countries slapped targeted sanctions or restrictiv...

January 30, 2019

Editorial Note: Some loyal readers of the BSR have been asking for a link to the BSR we wrote a few years ago which attempted to explain "the system", an important apparatus that effectively runs public affairs in Zimbabwe. It seems we lost the original BSR, along with...

November 19, 2016

Alex T. Magaisa

A few weeks ago, I discovered Yuval Noah Harari’s book, Sapiens – A Brief History of Humankind. It’s a brilliant book and it’s easy to see why it’s a bestseller. On this occasion, I pick one aspect of the book which I believe is relevant to our understan...

July 22, 2016

In October 1975, a group of young and radical ZANLA guerrillas stationed at Mgagao, a military training camp based in Tanzania, authored a document, now famously known as the Mgagao Declaration. In that document, the guerrillas denounced the leadership of Reverend Ndab...

July 21, 2016

Citizenship is one of the most important rights in the Constitution of Zimbabwe. It’s about belonging, identity and access to rights, benefits and privileges. A section of the Constitution, Chapter 3, deals specifically with the issue of citizenship, while parts of the...

July 19, 2016

I understand the police have revised their charges against Pastor Evan Mawarire and that they are now charging him for allegedly “subverting” the constitutional government of Zimbabwe. This charge is based on section 22(2) of the Criminal Law (Codification) Act (the Cr...

July 12, 2016

On 11 July 2016, Dr Munyaradzi Kereke, the ZANU PF MP for Bikita West constituency, was found guilty of raping a minor child, who was also a relative. It was the conclusion of a long-drawn legal saga which started in 2010 when the child was raped by Kereke.

The case is...

July 8, 2016

A young man is dragged out of his room, his pair of trousers half done, without shoes. He tries desperately to pull up his trousers, but they won’t allow him. He pleads for mercy. But they don’t listen and they don’t care.

They beat him up viciously with baton sticks as...

July 6, 2016

There was a certain irony to events in London yesterday, where an official delegation of the Zimbabwean government, led by Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa was in the British capital to attend a specially organised investment conference. Inside the airy conference ro...

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